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Contacting ETGS

Mailing Address
East Texas Genealogical Society
P. O. Box 6967
Tyler, TX 75711-6967
General Inquiry: info@etgs.org
use our convenient:

2019 Officers
President: Rick Featherston president@etgs.org
1st Vice President:
(program coordinator)
Scott Fitzgerald 1stvp@etgs.org
2nd Vice President:
(membership director)
Shelia Hallmark 2ndvp@etgs.org
3rd Vice President:
(publications manager)
Scott Fitzgerald and     
Shelia Hallmark
Recording Secretary: Tina McGuffin recsec@etgs.org
Correspondence Secretary: Peggy Starkey info@etgs.org
Treasurer: Kay Parker treasurer@etgs.org
Technology Manager:
(Computer Interest Group Chair)
Rochell McWhorter techmgr@etgs.org
Director 1:
(liaison to membership)
Ralph Hall director1@etgs.org
Director 2:
(liaison to membership)
Director 3:
(liaison to membership)
Vacant info@etgs.org
Immediate Past President: Vacant info@etgs.org
2019 Support Staff
Editor, The Bulletin:
(published monthly)
Jackie Hood bulletin@etgs.org
Editor, East TX Family Records:
(published several times a year)
Scott Fitzgerald quarterly@etgs.org
Hospitality: Dixie McInnis info@etgs.org
Parlimentarian: Dolores Parker Bain    info@etgs.org
Webmaster / Domain Mgr: Lisa Watson-White      webmaster@etgs.org
County Rep: Anderson: Karla Lang info@etgs.org
County Rep: Gregg: Clovie Johnston info@etgs.org
County Rep: Henderson: Michele Bailey info@etgs.org
County Rep: Panola: Donna Marler info@etgs.org
County Rep: Rusk: John Dulin info@etgs.org
County Rep: Smith: Andrew Leath info@etgs.org